I am attending the final year of the cabinet maker profession at CVT Myanmar. First of all, I would like to say that I am proud to be attending CVT Myanmar School. Prior to joining CVT Myanmar, only the traditional methods of furniture making were found in the workplace and we had to find out a lot ourselves. As a young girl, I had a difficult time to choose the profession of furniture maker. The reason why I chose to attend CVT Myanmar is because of the good reputation of CVT Myanmar graduates in the furniture industry. In addition, I joined the training at CVT with the hope that CVT Myanmar would help me develop my own business plan for the future. Theoretical and practical skills offered at CVT Myanmar allowed me to fully study the basics of furniture making. As a result, I was convinced to have chosen the right profession for life. Besides expanding my professional knowledge and expertise in the field, I was also able to communicate with teachers and classmates. Now I have not only made my own furniture but also created furniture designs and started a small personal business with my peers in CVT Myanmar, with the name of “Classmate Contractor”. I would like to thank CVT Myanmar for the opportunity to meet my goals and all teachers not only for teaching theory and lectures but also for providing valuable advice.

Ms. Lei Lei Maw (CM – 15)
Classmate Contractor