CVT is a non- profit making organization, founded in 2002 and a Swiss Association registered in Myanmar as NGO 1/0136. CVT following the sample of Swiss and German “Dual Vocational Education”, where practice and theory are combined. CVT is working together with its partner companies to train higher skilled labor. CVT following the aim of poverty reduction through skills development

Vision of CVT….

  • Securing the future employment for the younger generation in Myanmar by vocational education
  • Through education strengthen the country’s economy and contribute to the needs of the industries
  • Quality Approach: High skilled training through up to date curricula’s and professional experts
  • Improve business for the training companies and the entire economy

Mission of CVT …

  • CVT offers a high quality standard vocational model education inspired by the Swiss dual educational system
  • CVT contributes to significantly improve the vocational education in Myanmar
  • CVT/E4Y provides a bridge to reintegrate young people and enables them to start a professional career