To expand and to support the VET (Vocational Educational Training) in the rural areas of Myanmar as well, CVT started the CVT-Certified Instructor (CVT-CI) as one of the Post Diploma Programs. It is based on a professional education and contains especially teaching related programs such as general didactics, specified didactics related to the profession and practical implementation. All the courses include;

  • Educational Theory
  • Professional Didactics
  • Acquisition of skills and knowledge in preparing and leading courses

The course contents should enable future CVT-certified Instructors to teach different groups of students under different circumstances.

80 Hours + Evaluation

  • Post-Graduate Course in Didactics/Teaching
  • Post-Graduate Course in selected professional subjects (i.e. Front Office, Low Voltage &Wiring Installation)
  • Four weeks in the workplace coached by CVT Teachers
  • One week at CVT for evaluation and certification, Graduation
Entry requirements:

Precondition for an application for CVT Certified Instructor is

  • CVT diploma / certificate or equivalent education
  • At least three years working experiences in selected profession
Applicants must submit the filled in application form to