At CVT you get comprehensive Vocational Education and Training

Electricians, Business Administrators, Hospitality Professionals, Furniture Technicians and Metal Technicians are skilled craftspeople and managers, widely appreciated in the Myanmar economy. What distinguishes CVT graduates from others is the fact that CVT’s vocational training is comprehensive: In addition to their solid professional training, CVT graduates have an excellent command in General Education.

General education provides a wide range of learning opportunities and skills that can be applied to the students’ everyday life. By studying GE subjects, students can strengthen their social communication, personal development, professionalism, language proficiency and important life skills. General Education courses play a key role in promoting students’ aspirations for lifelong learning.

General Education at CVT


Applying English in different contexts:

  • General English
  • Business English
  • Hospitality English
  • Technical English

Studying English at CVT enables students

  • to be more confident in speaking English
  • to communicate at ease and widen their network with people from diverse walks of life
  • to provide effective customer services through fluent use of functional English
  • to write Business letters and texts for social communication
  • to be competent in adapting the language to different partners
Thanks to intensive language tuition, students can obtain an international certificate in Business English after graduation by completing a special course.
Information/ Communication/ Administration Skillful use of computers and modern information technology and acquisition of the International Computer Driving License (certificates):
  • Computer Essentials
  • Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
  • On-line Essentials
  • Spreadsheets (Excel)
  • Presentation (Microsoft Power Point)
  • Various other ICDL-modules on demand
Special applications are taught in addition:
  • Accounting software
  • Hotel Management software
  • Technical drawing software
Myanmar & Social Skills Professional use of Myanmar language and achieving self-competences:
  • to develop self-confidence, conceptual skills and the potential for creative and innovative thinking
  • to communicate effectively in business and social contexts
  • to extend social networking skills in the working environment
  • to use Myanmar language properly and write official letters in a business context
  • to develop ethical values of students living in a democratic society
  • to acquire the knowledge of customer service, advertising and business and apply the theoretical knowledge in practice

Experts from Switzerland

Mr. Stefan Rickli   Mr. Stefan Rickli (Expert for GE)
Ms. Marlen Winkler  Ms. Marlen Winkler
Expert for GE
Mr. René Droz  Mr. René Droz
Expert for English
Ms. Barbara Fuhrer  Ms. Barbara Fuhrer
Expert for IT