I am Wai Yan Lwin who attended YE4M batch 21st of CVT. By this course, I had learned about entrepreneurship. And I want to share my experiences throughout teaching and approaching to business.

First, I’d like to thank all the teachers for teaching us without skipping any lessons behind and teaching them both in article and practical ways. Not only that but also teachers are all sharp in their own field(subject) and each of them knows how to share their knowledge to students to become a businessperson.

The thing I’m most satisfied with is they let us do in a group-work. So, we can share our business ideas each other and It has an interactive effect.

After I finished the course, I’ve got a lot of business ideas and confident enough to start my own business because I’ve been taught business strategy, entrepreneurship pros and cons, communication, and financial problems. With these awareness, I found how to draw a business plan exactly before I begin my own. So, I can see which ways can be fail or success to go. That’s why, if you are excited to be a entrepreneur and don’t know how to start your business, just remember ‘There is CVT always’.