Overall goal

The dual Vocational Training at CVT aims at improving efficiency and quality, at multiplying the know-how also in rural areas as well as to empower aspiring young entrepreneurs. The latter are encouraged to create their own business where they can apply and pass on what they have learned during their VET, and hopefully even employ apprentices.

According to the motto “Earn while you learn”, since 2014 CVT has been offering three different types of further education for:

In-Company Trainer

Overall goal (general impact of the sub-project)

The In-Company Trainer course is a part time course aimed at teaching the basics of the dual vocational training model. The course gives the participants skills, knowledge, and attitude to carry out quality training to apprentices in the company and become more qualified instructors.

Almost all respondents expressed that the trainers fulfilled the expectations of the company. A total of 308 In-Company Trainers (49% female) have been trained.

CVT Certified Instructor

Overall goal (general impact of the subproject)

The CI program is aimed at giving the candidates a foundation in teaching and didactics, in professional education in practice and theory, followed by four weeks of evaluation at the company. The mission is to give the candidates knowledge and skills to become successful trainers and instructors in their professional field.

Approximately one in two graduated instructors are now teaching in Yangon and other places. A total of 142 CVT-certified Instructors (27% female) have been trained in the fields of Furniture Technician, Electrician, Metal Technician and Hospitality Service Professional.

Young Entrepreneur for Myanmar

Overall goal (general impact of the subproject)

This Program is providing small business management training courses to young entrepreneurs in Myanmar. The program will increase knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship development and business management.

A total of 380 Young Entrepreneurs have been trained (65% female). The average income of CVT Young Entrepreneurs increases minimum 15% – 20% within the first year after graduation.