Objective: Aim to improve efficiency and quality of education at multiplying the know-how across the country by offering trainings of trainers, instructors, and teachers.

The following ToT programs as short courses are targeting people with higher level educational background. A total of 308 In-Company Trainers (49% female) and 142 CVT Certified Instructors (27% female) have been trained in the fields of Furniture Technician, Electrician, Metal Technician and Hospitality Service Professional. Nowadays, many graduated instructors have been teaching in Yangon and other regions.

In-Company Trainer Program (ICT): aims at teaching the basics of the dual vocational training model. The course gives the participants knowledge, skills, and attitude to carry out selection, recruiting, quality training and evaluation of key competencies to apprentices in the company’s practicing skills management.

CVT Certified Instructor Program (CI): aims at giving the candidates a foundation in teaching and didactics, in professional education in practice and theory, followed by an evaluation of intensive teaching practical competences. At the end of the course, candidates should become a competent instructor in their professional field.

Teacher Training Program (TT): Newly developed program aims at giving fresh graduates, private tutors, and teachers foundation knowledge about curriculum and teaching methodology. At the end of the course, candidates should be able to apply systematic methods and techniques in teaching instruction and knowledge of curriculum preparation.