Presently, in this 55-million country there is neither an organized vocational training nor hardly any teacher at the CVT, who has gone through a teacher’s training. The privilege to be well trained is recognized by the learners as well as by the teaching staff at the CVT. Thus highly motivated people are working and learning on both sides as students and teachers.

Without knowing the Burmese language class visits to general and vocational education and training show quite plainly how teaching and learning processes are planned and conducted without formal education and training. Subjective theories about good lessons are e.g. far away from the teaching reality, however seem to be astonishingly close to our western concepts.

Accordingly, education to achieve obedience is only as successful as it is convincing. The tendency in mixed group with boys and girls that the girls take over the writing alternatively the boys letting the girls write seems to be a universal phenomenon as well as doing something else on the computer or reading SMS during the lessons while the teacher is explaining something.

Objectives and Competencies of Teachers’ Training at CVT and E4Y

  • Clarifying personal relationship with students, with learning groups and their training; how to deal with students an groups as an interaction process
  • Planning training modules within the framework of set concepts (education ordinance, training plans)
  • Planning training modules on the basis of professional practice and the latest innovations
  • Implementing training sequences within the framework of set concepts and the latest innovations
  • Guiding and controlling learning processes on the basis of student needs, the context, individual dynamics, group dynamics and professional practice
  • Evaluate one’s personal educational results, develop them further and optimize them.
  • Structuring and carrying out teaching activities within the institutional context of CVT
  • Planning, initiating and guiding learning processes in compliance with guidelines and existing resources.

Individual Coaching

Before and after the teacher’s training personal coaching is offered to the teachers. If they wish so, the expert joins the teacher in class for one period and offers individual feedback and coaching. Strengths and points to improve are pointed out, the teacher’s questions concerning the planning, conducting the class and dealing and coping with problems are discussed.

Experts from Switzerland

The teacher’s training is conducted by experts from Switzerland, experienced in educating teachers for and from vocational and professional training institutions.

Further Education in Sports

Since April 2014 the E4Y School in Myanmar organizes a further education program for sport teachers. In collaboration with the university of applied science in Switzerland two students have each designed a teaching guide. This Video shows the implementation of the Modules 2 and 3.