Competence Electrical Installation
Level National Skills Standard – 2
Training Hour 184
Schedule Weekend Class
8 hrs per day
2 days per week
Total – 12 weeks
Schedule Weekdays Class
8 hrs per day
5 days per week
Total – 5 weeks
  • Min 18 years old, Basic Education 9th Grade and above (အသက် ၁၈ ပြည့်ပီးအနည်းဆုံး အခြေခံပညာ၉ တန်းနှင့်အထက်)
  • Electrical Installation NSSA Level – 1 completed
Objective At the end of the course, participants will be able to understand and knowledge of home and industrial wiring installation and able to work as a Skillful Electrician systematically and safely.
Type of Certification Course Completion Certificate