I am Cho Zin Tun Tun Lwin, and I had the privilege of attending OSH Training at CVT. I must express my heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable experience I gained throughout the sessions. The training modules were well-structured with ILO guidelines, covering a wide array of essential topics in occupational safety and health. I particularly appreciated the hands-on approach, which allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios as group works effectively. Furthermore, the training environment was conducive to learning, fostering interactive discussions and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. This collaborative atmosphere greatly enhanced my understanding and retention of the subject matter.

Overall, I am immensely satisfied with the quality of the OSH Training provided by CVT. It has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to workplace safety initiatives. I wholeheartedly recommend CVT’s training programs to anyone seeking to improve their skills and knowledge.