Why become an Electrician?

Energy supply in general and electricity in particular is a cornerstone of any economy. You come across electric devices from waking up in the morning to falling asleep at night. But dealing with electricity is somehow a dangerous business. As an electrician you make sure that people are equipped with the latest technology and that installations are carried out safely and economically.

An Electrician generally works in the field of mechanical and electrical (M & E) systems engineering and energy which includes the installation, maintenance or repair of electrical equipment and a variety of electrical circuits.

An Electrician

  • knows how to work with low voltage electrical installations,
  • understands the entire work process and the standards required,
  • works carefully and responsibly as a recognized electrician and
  • he advises customers on the benefits and costs of electrical installations.

The corresponding vocational training for Electricians at CVT is based on training and learning at the vocational school, the training company and the practical training center (PTC). PTC provides basic practical knowledge in all areas of the profession and shows how theory can be put into practice. The training course takes two years. Students will get a certificate as CVT certified Electrician when they pass the final exam.

After successfully completing the vocational training, several courses in further education can be attended.

Core competences of the Electrician:

1. Operational tasks and functions
(orders, customer relations, organization)
2. Processing technology
(Materials, occupational health and safety, use and maintenance of tools and equipment)
3. Technological principles
(Mathematics, electrical engineering)
4. Technical documentation
(Working documentation, plant documentation, rules of technology)
5. Electrical system engineering
(Installation technology, energy distribution, energy use, electrical engineering, communications installations)
6. Myanmar language and the various forms of communication
7. English in a professional setting
8. IT competences – computer literacy
9. Methodological, social and personal competences


Theory Electrical Engineering Technology
Electrical Technical Drawing
Electrical Standards and Calculations
Material Science
Norms and Standards
English Business and Technical English, Level A1/A2
International Computer Driving License
ICDL-Modules: Computer Essentials, Word Processing, On-line Essentials, Excel
Myanmar/Social Skills Mastering of mother tongue and self-competences

Additional lessons for:

PTC 1 Basic Electrical Installations
PTC 2 Commercial Wiring Installations
PTC 3 Industrial Motor Control Installations
Supervised learning Self-determined computer practice, supervised by a teacher

The Electrician training program has two parts:

Part Description
Intensive Introduction Course IIC Eight weeks, five days a week of intensive training at school (theory and practical workshops) preparing for the apprenticeship program
Apprenticeship Course AC 22 months of dual training: five days working and practicing at the training company, one day per week at the vocational school

The IIC gives students the necessary knowledge and skills to join the main course (AC) and successfully apply for the vocational training in a company.

The Apprenticeship Program provides the comprehensive vocational training at school and the training company to get the diploma as a CVT certified Electrician.

* The fees cover cost for course material, ICDL-modules, exams, diploma etc.

Course schedule Intensive Introduction Course IIC

Intensive Introduction Course IIC

Duration 8 weeks
Schedule Monday – Friday
Subjects Theory, PTC, English, Information/ Communication/ Administration, Myanmar & Social Skills
Admission Requirements Minimum age 17 years
Basic Education High School Level
ID card copy, family registration copy, criminal check record
Level IIC Certificate CVT
Perspective Students who have passed the IIC test are allowed to join the subsequent Apprenticeship Program.
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Course schedule Apprenticeship Course (AC)

First year (Terms 1 and 2)

Duration 10 months
Schedule One weekday, 10 lessons per day
Subjects Theory, PTC, English, Information/ Communication/ Administration,
Myanmar & Social Skills
Admission Requirements Passed IIC test (IIC Certificate)
Objective Promotion to second year
Perspective Promoted students are allowed to continue with the second year of the Apprenticeship Course.
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Second year (Term 3 and 4)

Duration 12 months
Schedule One weekday, 10 lessons
Subjects Theory, PTC, English, Information/ Communication/ Administration,
Myanmar & Social Skills
Admission Requirements Promotion first year
Objective Certified Electrician
Perspective Access to further education program CVT, specialization courses and
courses in business studies, accounting, ICT and languages
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Experts from Switzerland

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