My name is Aung Thu Han, one of the trainees who had the privilege of attending the Electrical Installation Course Batch (1) organized by CVT Myanmar. This course has been an enlightening journey, providing me with essential knowledge about electricity in a systematic manner and enhancing my practical skills.
Throughout the course, our dedicated instructors/teachers imparted both theoretical and practical guidance, ensuring that we could work safely and methodically. As a result, my confidence grew, and I gained valuable insights into employment opportunities related to electrical work. I totally recommend this course to anyone interested in the field of Electrical.
The warm and supportive environment at CVT made us feel like family. Our experienced teachers equipped us with comprehensive teaching aids and practical assessments, making the curriculum easy to grasp. Moreover, CVT goes beyond training by offering employment opportunities to participants and assisting them in preparing for the NSSA (Electrician) exam.
In my opinion, CVT Myanmar systematically imparts knowledge about electricity, bridging the gap between theory and practice. The school produces skilled workers with full capacity, ready to contribute to the industry. If you share an interest in Electrical, I encourage you to consider attending the Electrical Installation Course at CVT Myanmar.