Development and Activities

a. Relations and local fundraising

According to our vision of long-term sustainability, long-term local partnerships and support are being sought. These goals are pursued by the following strategies:

    • Maintain relations with existing partners
    • Industry
    • Chambers
    • Governmental institutions
    • Industry related organizations
    • Professional associations
    • Acquisition of new partner in the TVET environment
    • Training Company contribution
    • Approach companies and promote CVT apprenticeship both as customised courses
    • Approach Multinationals, Foundations and Institutions for financial support of CVT operational cost

b. Networking and support platform

A networking and support platform for Instructors, Young Entrepreneurs and In-Company Trainers has been introduced and first alumni events were held. Such an exchange of knowledge, success stories and news from CVT alumni to present and future students as well as among the alumni themselves is highly important for further improvements of our Vocational Education service and its reputation.

c. National Skills Standard Development

CVT Myanmar has closely collaborated with the National Skills Standards Authority (NSSA) and the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population (MOLIP) for developing an official and national skills standards.

CVT’s infrastructure could be used as “NSSA Assessment Center” and CVT teachers as “NSSA Assessors & Trainers”. 300 professionals were officially certified as electricians, cabinet makers, hotel & gastronomy assistants as well as commercial assistants. These certificates are all officially and nationwide recognized in Myanmar.

d. ASEAN Skill Competition

Since 2008 CVT-Myanmar sends their apprentices to the ASEAN Skill Competition. The main goal of this mission is know-how exchange and skills improvement.

The 11th ASEAN Skill Competition took place from 19-29th September 2016 in Malaysia. 276 Competitors from nine ASEAN countries participated in 25 skill areas, out of which three CVT candidates competed in three skills areas. Indeed, one of our CVT Hotel & Gastronomy candidate was awarded the Diploma Certificate, congratulations!

e. Quality Assurance

In order to ensure high quality Vocational Education and services at CVT Myanmar, there are continuously different trainings for the CVT staff members, such as:

    • Teachers Training

Once a year, CVT organizes an intensive Teachers Training where professional and experienced Swiss experts introduce and train them on the most recent didactic and methodological approaches for teaching. As an example, the OTHER model has been presented and studied at the last training. This is a student and problem-solving oriented teaching method, widely used and successful in the Swiss scholar landscape.


Teachers’ Training Course Content and Feedback

    • English Exchange

For all the CVT staff members: In order to guarantee professional communication also in English, CVT organizes regular English Exchanges for their staff in collaboration with the English Teachers Associations Switzerland.


    • IT User Training

In order to communicate the lates IT changes to the staff and also to improve the staffs ability to properly use the IT applications and devices, regular IT User Trainings are held by the responsibles of IT at CVT.