Commercial Assistant

Why professional commercial assistants are urgently needed in Myanmar

There is no educational training for commercial students in Myanmar. It is possible to study economics at the university, but this is purely theoretical and the young people do not learn anything about organising a secretariat or the administrative side of a business. Nor do they learn how to carry out the daily work professionally or understand the functioning of a firm. If they are then lucky they will manage to get a post in a secretariat or on the administrative side of a firm and grow into their work. That’s where CVT steps in with its professional combination of theory and practice.

Theoretical Course at CVT

The commercial school classes take place once a week. The curriculum includes the following subjects:

  • business management
  • accounting
  • political economy
  • information and communication technologies
  • the languages Myanmar and English.

The classes are made up of apprentices from various fields. The school programme also includes specialised excursions to visit different businesses.

“Earn while you learn”: Practical training at the company

The knowledge gained during one day per week at CVT school is put into practice during the rest of the week in their various companies. As in other CVT professions, working in the company generates an important wage, which is often a big financial help to the apprentices’ families.

Final exams and graduation

The final examination takes place at the end of the three-year training and all the school subjects are tested. The finals consist of oral and written examinations.

Future prospects

The majority of the trained commercial assistants find a good job with a good wage, often in leading positions and some even become self-employed. As every business of a certain size needs commercial staff there is a wide variety to choose from. Service industries are very much up front in Myanmar especially export/import business and the tourism (Hotels and travel agen-cies). Graduates from the CVT have very good chances in the business world thanks also to their English knowledge. During their studies at the CVT the young commercial assistants also acquire experience in negotiating in difficult situations and they learn general things, too, such as how to deal with customers, how to address people in higher positions and business partners. Such competences do not go without saying in Myanmar and are therefore very useful in helping the young commercial people to get good jobs.

Teaching the following subjects:

  • Theory: accounting, economics, economical geography, business administration, information and communication technology
  • Practical Training courses
  • Theory: Information and communication technology


Teachers at CVT:

Daw Su Yadanar Oo
Daw Su Yadanar Oo
Head of Profession CA
Daw Moe Myat Myat Thein
Daw Moe Myat Myat Thein
U Shwe Maung Thein
U Shwe Maung Thein


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