Capacity Building Project

About the Capacity Building Project

Within the Capacity Building Project 2018, CVT is expanding its commitment in Myanmar by adding development projects to the already successful vocational training and educational programs. Three different Post Graduate Programs and various further projects for the cultivation of quality at the CVT have been realized and are continuously evaluated and improved. The Capacity Building Project also lays the foundation for high quality training in a modern new CVT school building and workshop facilities in the Thingangyun Township in Yangon. In order to meet the requirements of our future capacity, CVT collaborates with Swiss Architects, local construction partners, the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population (MOLIP) and the Swiss Development & Cooperation Agency (SDC).

CVT aims at increasing its capacity by double the numbers from 500 to 1000 apprentices per week. CVT works together with over 500 training companies to develop the curriculum and to mirror the need of the different industries.

To see the positive impact of CVT Myanmar, the Baseline Study 2014 (link) and the Tracer Study 2015 (link) objectively validate CVT´s programs and activities. Both are available for download.

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Post Graduate Programs

In order to develop the skilled labour market and being able to compare different professional levels, NSSA has started with the accreditation of training institutions and trainers. CVT generally supports these development activities by offering additional Post Graduate Courses and to achieve the recognition of all CVT certificates. Since 2013, CVT has been additionally supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in matters of the on-going Capacity Building Project. According to the CBP´s mission of promoting a skilled labour market, the following courses have been developed and are successfully being implemented:

    • Efficiency & Quality Improvement: In-Company Trainer Courses The In-Company Trainer course is a part time course aimed at teaching the basics of the dual vocational training model. The course gives the participants skills, knowledge and attitude to carry out quality training to apprentices in the company and become more qualified instructors.
    • Know-how Multiplication: CVT- Certified Instructor Courses The CI program is a 12 week program aimed at giving the candidates a foundation in teaching and didactics, in professional education in practice and theory, followed by four weeks of evaluation at the company. The mission is to give the candidates knowledge and skills to become successful trainers and instructors in their professional field.
    • Empowerment: Young Entrepreneurs for Myanmar CoursesThis Program is providing small business management training courses to young entrepreneurs in Myanmar. The program will increase knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship development and business management.

New School Building

With the support of SDC Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, CVT is expanding its commitment to high quality and successful Vocational Training and further programs by providing a modern new CVT school building and workshop facilities in the Thingangyun Township in Yangon. In order to meet the requirements on our future building, CVT maintains close cooperation with Swiss Architects, local construction partners and the MOLES Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

Goal of the new school building:

    • To double the current capacity of about 500 apprentices to 1000.
    • To allow efficient teaching & learning for all 5 professions.
    • Quality: Enlargement & modernisation of the practical training centre and school rooms.
    • Efficiency: Workshops and school under on one compound.
    • Quantity: 1000 Apprentices per Week / 200 per day.
    • Flexibility: Possibility to raise up 1 additional storey.
    • Integration: Electrical-, water-, traffic- and social aspects must be included, compound is barrier free for disabled people.

For further information concerning the current progress of the School Building project, please check our News.

cvt capacity building project cvt capacity building project cvt capacity building project



Every organization that uses computers, E-mail, the internet, and software on a daily basis should have Information Technology (IT) policies as well as training for their staff in place.

Within the Capacity Building Project, it is of importance also to ensure IT quality skills of our staff. Thus, the CVT Myanmar IT policy is made to enhance the better handling of IT equipment. This implies having consistent, practical, economical use and protection of data processing and data privacy. According to this policy, CVT staff members are trained for an effective and successful use of IT software and hardware.